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INNOVENTION is an institution with a novel methodology to encourage learning in children, through the specific development of skills in different fields of science, which will allow them to face the challenges of the future and especially those related to Artificial Intelligence.

The world has changed and educational methods are practically the same as they were 50 years ago. It is increasingly difficult to keep the attention of children and adolescents, due to the great offer of interaction with media such as Internet, Cellular, Television and electronic games.

Children nowadays socialize less, since electronic media generate a world of isolation that in many occasions, has negative effects on personality, school performance, learning and emotions.

INNOVENTION develops skills, talents and competencies in children, so that they can solve the problems of the future, which today’s generations are irresponsibly creating for them.


INNOVENTION provides parental and non-medical support. It represents the opportunity to dedicate quality time to your children, because we know that the life of adults is becoming more and more complicated and there is less time to accompany them in the processes.

Our function is primarily educational, but we are concerned about the development in other fields such as cognitive, playful and social. It is not enough to know about a subject if we cannot interact with the world.

The original concept of “university” is applied to a community of individuals dedicated to knowledge and not to awarding degrees as in the modern concept.

It derives from the Latin phrase “universitas magistrorum et scholarium”, which can be translated as “community of teachers and scholars”.

Innovention, which for now does not grant degrees, can be called a university rather than an academy, since it follows the etymological principles of the creation of the term and is governed by most of the principles of a modern university (with certain limitations).

It is important to note that many of today’s companies are not looking for professionals with university degrees, but for individuals with knowledge that can generate solutions, which, in a way, redefines the concept of education.

Important: Artificial Intelligence threatens to replace current professionals and therefore much university education may be irrelevant in the future.

No. We are simply a complement to the educational systems.

Children can follow their current educational process and attend INNOVENTION virtually, two or more times per week.

Our students include those who attend formal educational institutions and those who are home-schooled. INNOVENTION is not intended to replace educational systems, only to complement them and correct some of their deficiencies.

Yes, we use the INNOVENTION method, which allows us to develop skills, talents and competencies through special self-learning techniques.

Our process is very new, but we must recognize that we are not infallible or susceptible to improvement. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is much more valuable. Please visit our videos on our YOUTUBE channel that show the before and after of the INNOVATORS.

You can also check out our AWARDS and SPECIAL MOMENTS pages to understand why we are different.

We are continuously uploading videos of the advances and achievements of our INNOVATORS, of our recognitions and of INNOVENTION’s own and exclusive internal technological developments.

Self-esteem, less shyness, patience, anxiety control, better behavior and ecological awareness, among others.

They learn mathematics, electricity, electronics, mechanics, mechatronics, robotics, agro-ecology, medicine, etc. And all the other subjects addressed by the COURSES.

Attention deficit, concentration, reasoning, evaluation, analysis, creativity, memory, logic, mental arithmetic, reading, comprehension and language.

Contests, entertainment, mental and physical agility, oral expression, singing, experiments and games.

A computer with Internet, speakers or headphones and camera. Working with cell phones is only allowed in exceptional cases. The camera must always be turned on.

No. The process starts with the improvement of Concentration and Reading. After reaching a certain “threshold” the children can continue to the rest of the courses in an organized way and with the INNOVENTION methodology.

From 5 to 17 years old. In exceptional cases, children can be younger, but they must be in the company of an adult, while the necessary attention and concentration adaptations are achieved.

From Monday to Saturday, the schedules are as follows:

Tuesday-Thursday, Wednesday-Friday, Thursday-Saturday, Saturday ( 2 Hours ).

  • 9-10am
  • 10-11 am
  • 11-12 am
  • 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
  • 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm
  • 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
  • 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

No. We are trying to adapt completely to virtuality and for that we are developing our own tools. For now, in some pre-planned projects, we can create a space dedicated to activities related to the courses that require presence in each city and each country.

Also, in preparation, we have the Museum of Science and Technology, so eventually we will have a space for face-to-face meetings.

Because in addition to being an effective learning method, children spend their time in a fun and, most importantly, productive way.

It can solve a current problem: “Parents have less and less quality time to spend with their children”.

Education is the same as it has been for 200 years, where children, in uniform, wait for a teacher to teach them something.

Security: Nothing better than your children at home.
No transportation: No need to go to the site to drop them off and pick them up.
No pandemics. No one is exposed to viruses.
No worrying about the weather. No rain, no wind, no winter, no heat…
Without compromising the parents’ time.
Without being subjected to the hours of vehicular traffic.

We are developing our own educational tools, according to our methodology and objectives.

For the virtual classes we use :

  • Zoom
  • Google Classroom
  • Discord or meet
  • WhatsApp
  • Quizizz
  • Kahoot

Among others…

Through a document, certificate or diploma that shows the student’s participation and performance in the course within that age range.

The notable changes in behavior and attitude will be their best letter of introduction.

Upon arrival at the university, the children will already be familiar with the subjects and could take proficiency exams.

Not specifically, but students are expected to experiment, research and learn on their own.

The idea is to have groups of INNOVATORS of similar ages. The groups and schedules are formed according to the availability of guides. For this reason, several schedules have been created.

No. INNOVATORS advance at their own pace, with the group or with additional classes that can be charged separately.

Most of the time, the kids understand that the training is up to them and they do their own process of improvement, spending more time on creative processes. They do not require us or teachers to achieve results.

Our databases are not commercialized or used by third parties. We guarantee your privacy.

  • Contact number.
  • Names and surnames of the student.
  • Names and surnames of the person in charge of the student.
  • Student’s e-mail address.
  • Email address of the person in charge of the student.
  • Student’s date of birth.
  • Student’s identification.
  • Identification of the person in charge.

In order to cover the costs, we must have several students per course, so having an INNOVATOR alone in a group is not a common practice.

It is possible to create special exclusive classes, but an additional fee will be charged:

In those cases where the child requires special attention.
At the request of the parents.
At the request of the child and with parental approval.
For a special training requirement.

At INNOVENTION we do not have teachers but GUIDES. The mission of a Guide is to accompany the learning process with many questions and very few answers.

Most teachers teach what they know, but at INNOVENTION the children must learn to think for themselves and are trained to have complex, analytical, critical and creative thinking. This is perhaps one of the greatest strengths of our method: Children learn to learn by themselves without the need of us, or teachers.

The INNOVENTION method is very demanding in the educational process. It is often said that the GUIDES are the ones who really study and not the INNOVENTORS, which is what makes the methodology work.

Not everyone can be a GUIDE in INNOVENTION and, being a new methodology, we have resorted to our most advanced students, who apart from knowing how to operate, must fulfill an internal CERTIFICATION process that enables them to educate with our method.

For example, there are some restrictions for the GUIDES to issue a personal opinion that can influence the children. At INNOVENTION, their opinion and reasoning is the most important thing.

Parents can rest assured that INNOVENTION will not attempt to change the children’s views on religion, politics or other sensitive issues. The INNOVENTIONers, sometimes through debates with the other children, come to their own conclusions, which are always respected.

Yes, before a child starts a process, a diagnostic evaluation is carried out to determine his or her current condition. The aim is to obtain information about the initial situation of the INNOVATORS, in terms of skills, talents, abilities, competencies and performance, which will allow us to establish the work path within the methodology.

Normally, videos are documented to present the before and after of each of the INNOVENTION processes.

Our diagnosis is not medical.

The word diagnosis is misunderstood in some countries as being used exclusively by health professionals. Diagnosis is interpreted as “collecting and analyzing data to evaluate problems of various nature”.

INNOVENTION has a channel on YOUTUBE where, periodically, videos showing the children’s progress are uploaded. These videos have the authorization of their parents.

The videos are available at :

Innovention Education – YouTube

At INNOVENTION we are aware that a child may experience problems of adaptability to an educational process that not only shapes him/her, but also forces him/her to face social and interaction challenges.

If your child has been diagnosed or shows symptoms of autism, our method can be of great help to the child, to the doctors and therapists who care for him/her, to you and to your family.

Our individual program is not a treatment program but a program of accompaniment and development of skills as a positive reinforcement to the intervention and behavioral development.

With our own methodology and with the advice of specialists INNOVENTION has prepared strategies and educational services to achieve developmental goals in speech, interaction with reciprocity, learning, socialization, attention and cognition.

INNOVENTION has its own software tools for creative development, which help in a fun way in the management of routines.

Some countries have aids for children with special conditions that can use our services.

We generate reports that can be used for better information for the doctor and their appropriate treatment. We represent an opportunity for children to have quality time and attention while having fun and learning.

ADHD in children is becoming one of the biggest problems facing parents and educators today. If your child has been diagnosed with attention deficit and/or hyperactivity, INNOVENTION can become a good alternative for its transformation or attenuation.

Factors that may be involved in the development of ADHD include genetics, environment, or problems with the central nervous system at key developmental milestones.

For professionals in the area, these problems, independent or associated, can extend into adulthood with clear expressions of impulsivity, anxiety, poor memory, distractibility and poor ability to concentrate.

In the INNOVENTION methodology and with the supervision of professionals, training has been developed to improve concentration and patience. Our proprietary reading method exercises concentration while improving learning and analysis. For a person who has attention problems, reading is one of the biggest problems.

We invite you to watch the videos where the INNOVATORS, after doing the concentration course and getting to reading, are able to read complete texts of a page with correct intonation, without making mistakes and with the ability to understand the context of what they have just read, to be able to answer questions. This is one of our hyperactivity and attention controls and, judging from our experience, with very good results.

If you have noticed that your child has exceptional abilities or talents, you need help so that the developmental processes are not affected in the future.

Many educational institutions are not prepared to cater to children with high potential. Although some countries have special programs, in others children simply blend into the crowd and may lose or normalize their performance.

INNOVENTION and its method aim to help children learn to learn on their own, without relying too much on parents and teachers, allowing them to grow without limitations and reach one of our most noble goals: to develop solutions to the world’s greatest problems.

Since the groups are very small in number, the attention a gifted child receives is much greater than that received in an educational institution, where he or she can be just one in a crowd.

INNOVENTION has the necessary tools to generate knowledge at the same level that the child, as a new INNOVENTOR, requires.

At INNOVENTION we have tried to make implementations, technology and applications that help in the development of children diagnosed with Down syndrome. We focus on Mild Down syndrome children because of their greater ability to concentrate on the other side of a screen.

In the INNOVENTION methodology we develop learning strategies to improve their communication through pictographic signs and symbols from early stages.

In some cases we have developed interactive games (see videos) that exercise fine and gross motor skills, concentration and frustration management.

It is necessary to mention that, after the diagnostic evaluation of current skills, it will be defined if these children can be in a group or should be attended individually.

Our work is done with the best attitude and desire for positive results, but these depend in particular on the support of family members and their environment.

We want and work with health professionals, who can interact with us to develop a joint strategy, leading to the best possible results.

As with other special conditions, we never disregard the work of other professionals, nor do we intend to replace them. Our services, advised by accredited professionals, can be an excellent complement. In general, we all seek the welfare of the child with a particular condition.

Something important to mention is that the mutism condition does not necessarily affect the cognitive processes. In other words, the child can continue learning and for this, INNOVENTION’s methodology and courses can be of great help.

We start with a diagnostic evaluation, which allows us to learn more about the child’s current state. An adult, who usually becomes their liaison, must be present for the first classes.

During the learning process, communication strategies are developed to establish the link by pairing him/her with another INNOVATOR, while adapting the cognitive processes to the areas that interest him/her.

The accompaniment of an adult is essential, until the child feels confident to meet the guide’s requirements, including responding.

Something very important is that the child will be in a group with no or a limited number of people, which allows him to better manage his shyness and socialization training.

Self-esteem is the perception of feeling good about oneself. Psychologists and psychotherapists can diagnose these conditions and work with us on training processes to develop confidence, security and motivation.

INNOVENTION’s strategy, after assessing the current state, is to introduce you to guided cognitive processes that allow you to develop skills and competencies in various areas. As there are no tests, but demands, the children strive to improve until they can have the ability and show results. INNOVENTION works hard to foster the children’s independence, which results in self-training, logic and creativity. If we get them to improve in INNOVENTION, their academic performance improves as well.

There is no need to congratulate them, as they see their own growth and their self-motivation is strengthened (see videos of experiments and electricity).

You can make a direct and secure transfer to our bank accounts in Colombia or USA.

For your convenience, a digital receipt will be issued for your accounting control.

We try to keep costs affordable. Some of the courses require kits with working elements, but they are very low cost.

In short, you only need to cover the monthly fee and, eventually, the costs of the corresponding kits.

In some cases, between Innovention and the parents, we finance the value of a special kit that the children want to develop on their own. By achieving this, we will be fulfilling one of our purposes: The new generation of inventors and innovators.

Please send us your question by mail. You can also contact us by phone or WhatsApp

+57 312 840 5570.

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