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These difficulties make the child a problem for teachers, friends, parents and, very importantly, for himself. In our method this is one of the most important objectives. If a child does not concentrate, he does not advance.


Reading is more than just sounding out words. There are comprehension, writing, writing, learning and reading aversion problems. It is different to read than to read with method. Just as it is different to write with style than to write with method and style.


Electricity is present in everyday life. Knowing the basics of how any electrical appliance works, its circuits and how to repair them is a fun topic for children and teenagers.


Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. Almost every modern device involves an electronic component. This course introduces electronic devices and their operation and application in different electronic circuits.


The composition, materials, movement and hardness of the parts of any device or machine determine the efficiency and durability. This course teaches about mechanisms, especially those necessary to build robots.


It is the combination of electronics, mechanics and control to produce functional devices of low weight, robust construction, with complex and sometimes automatic functions. Creation of solutions and devices.


All aspects of robotics are covered here, through various educational levels. From fundamentals to applications. Including the design and construction of robotic and automatic mechanisms.


Technology is forcing new generations to use their brains less. People prefer to use a calculator instead of making the effort to think. Our mathematics is full of fun and is based on mental calculations. This trains the brain in a different way.


This course teaches the fundamental aspects of the entire human body system. This knowledge allows the prevention of future diseases. Health and nutrition are important aspects to help a good growth.


The planet is everyone’s responsibility. It teaches ecological principles and concepts to grow, produce and consume food and products in order to live on the planet in a sustainable way, avoiding impacts on vital resources. Includes solutions to environmental problems.

Magic & ilusionism

Performing magic tricks at any gathering of friends or family makes children the center of attention. This magic is based on cards, numbers and with equipment to generate illusions which generate wonderful entertainment.


Dancing is a social skill. A child who learns to dance will grow into a happy, non-adaptive adult. Music, intonation and rhythm will allow them to train coordination and synchronicity.


For English speaking countries and bilingual schools, for a small additional cost, we offer the possibility to receive our courses directly in English.


Programming skills are necessary for all human activity. To be able to develop software, games, controls, etc. It is an excellent complement to hardware.


Singing is a very important artistic manifestation for the emotional development of people. Singing gladdens the soul and helps to express feelings.

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