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INNOVENTION is an engineering company with an educational division that has a virtual University for Children and Adolescents (5-17 years old), with its own methodologies.
The objective is to develop skills, competences and talents in young people, called INNOVENTORS, to help them solve the problems that adults have brought to the planet: environmental, economic, technological, health, political, etc.
We also provide them with knowledge tools to develop technological solutions and to face the great challenges of Artificial Intelligence.

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Simultaneous development in FOUR aspects of life:
Social, Cognitive, Formative and Playful.

  • Fast results.
  • Personalized. Groups as small as 3 to 7 children.
  • No homework, except if the children ask for it.
  • Children learn at their own pace.
  • Interdisciplinary education.
  • No political or religious orientation.
  • Encourages self-learning.
  • Two times per week.


This is a modern methodology that allows the development of children’s and adolescents’ skills by fostering in them the desire to learn on their own, with a critical, ecological and more playful way of thinking.

Not only educational aspects are covered, such as mathematics (formative skill), but also other important aspects such as behavior (social skill), attention deficit disorder or hyperactivity (cognitive skill) and singing, dancing and magic (playful skill), among many others.


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