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Innovention is the best partner for idea creators. It will help science grow faster by connecting innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs, institutions and investors. We are a company that provides worldwide tools to accelerate the processes of: idea/project development, technology transfer, pioneering technologies, financing.

Innovention is a highly innovative platform to produce innovation and invention, through systemic, controlled and organized processes, meeting objectives in specific times.

  • Interested in developing ideas, projects or prototypes, holding rights and patents.
  • Seeking funds to scale their innovative idea or product, regardless of the stage of development.
  • Local or national governmental authority interested in generating sources of employment by supporting innovation projects.
  • Institution interested in supporting projects, receiving offers of solutions to specific problems.
  • Institutions and corporations wishing to sponsor innovation contests in local, regional and global contexts.
  • Investor or sponsor interested in helping, investing or buying ideas, inventions or projects in different stages of development.

Success stories

INNOVENTION has already worked to develop a large number of projects in the fields of ENGINEERING. These are some of our most relevant projects and if you want to know all of them, go to the projects page.


It includes 5 stations and can be used with ALL our systems, as it is an excellent tool for robotics courses…


Kit of 2 units. A must for engineering students, but mainly those of control, automation…


Generates extreme conditions of Temperature (2 to 57°C.), Humidity (0-99RH) and Light (0- Max) in plant varieties, simulating…

Why is INNOVENTION important to you?

If you are interested in developing ideas, projects and prototypes, maintaining its rights and patents.

You need financial resources to scale or grow your innovative idea or product, regardless of the stage of development.

It is a local or national government authority interested in generating sources of employment through the support of innovative ideas.

An institution interested in supporting projects or getting bids for solutions to specific problems.

Your institution or company wishes to sponsor innovation contests in local, regional or global contexts.

An Investor or Sponsor interested in investing, helping or buying ideas, innovations, inventions, products or projects in different stages of development.

What benefits or advantages does it bring you?

We offer several advantages, based on valuable experience and expertise to:

  • Direct and supervise processes to ensure results.
  • Redefine project paths, objectives, materials.
  • Select projects based on specific parameters that deserve support (impact, benefits, employment generation, implementation time, etc.).
  • Avoid delays and failures by providing help and support at all stages of the project.
  • Distribute and spend budget more intelligently and efficiently.
  • Provide access to global ecosystems of problem solvers, innovators and inventors who can take care of the project.
  • Extreme security and confidentiality.
  • Rigorous documentation process for ease of implementation and scalability.
  • Secure access for multiple local and remote users.


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