Innovention Projects

Mini Production Plants

Two Options:

  • Pilot: Real, fully automated.
  • Educational: Managing and controlling multiple variables to efficiently utilize equipment, achieve lower costs, and reduce the workload for teachers.
Malt Beverages, Beer & Soda.

Learning, practicing, and then consuming your product. An unforgettable educational experience. Food standard for producing various types of beverages: Juices, malt, beer, including carbonated ones. Assembly in stainless steel sanitary standard, easy cleaning and manual disassembly of most equipment without tools. Includes a recirculating cooling system.

Our systems are advanced, practical, and go far beyond other merely educational systems.

Bioethanol from biomass.

Determining the energy efficiency of plant materials from any region: Starch biomass (rice, potato, cassava, corn) or high-sugar content vegetables (sugar cane, beets, carrots, etc.). These can be used in bioethanol production. Assembly in stainless steel sanitary standard, easy cleaning, and manual disassembly of most equipment without tools. Includes steam generation and recirculating cooling systems to prevent water wastage.

Pilot plant for algae-based biofuel.

Algae can multiply their population fivefold within the next day. A tool for researching bioethanol production.

The supplied equipment includes vertical reactors, feeding system, extraction, separation, and byproduct storage.

Performance depends on the algae varieties used and the quality of the processes. Byproducts can be utilized in the food industry due to their high nutritional value.

Robotics and Control

PTS F1616 station.

It includes 5 stations and can be used with all of our systems, making it an excellent tool for courses in robotics, control, automation, telemetry, and instrumentation.

An array of features: 24Vdc power supply, communication and power cables, LCD display, push buttons (2), switches (4), relays, potentiometers (3), communication ports RS232 (1), RS485 (2), Ethernet (1), expansion (1), ladder and Basic programming, multiple protocols, analog inputs and outputs, quadrature encoder channels (3), 10A PWM outputs (4), direct control of stepper motors, advanced instructions for local or remote control.


Software with a full-featured simulator, allowing you to design and test in the comfort of your home before implementing in the laboratory.

A real 230-watt system for those interested in implementing control algorithms using a PC, PLCs, or other controllers. It involves three variables: position (in a rotational system with inertial loads), velocity (in a moving system subject to braking), and energy generation (with random load connection and disconnection).

Additionally, it facilitates understanding of electric vehicles and voltage regeneration. It can be connected to control systems from other brands (not included).

Inverted pendulum.

Kit of 2 units. A must-have for engineering students, particularly those in control, automation, mechatronics, and robotics. Develop your students’ ingenuity through various control options and methodologies: PC control, PLC control, Microcontroller control. The latter two are more challenging and educational, given the limitations of the equipment used compared to the computational power of computers. Controller not included.

The concept of balance at its highest expression.


Mini wastewater treatment plant.

This trainer allows you to understand how water supply systems work in rural and urban areas. It simplifies the operation of a water supply system to comprehend aspects like pressure, transport, purification, consumption, and water supply losses.

As an option, it can generate computer reports and be controlled via the Internet.

It offers the possibility of both manual and automatic operation.

Phytochamber climate chamber.

It generates extreme conditions of temperature (2 to 57°C), humidity (0-99% RH), and light (0- Maximum) for various plant varieties, simulating external conditions related to climate change. It is unique in the world with a system of blue and red light. Data extraction via memory, with date, time, alarms, notifications, and programmable events.

Features a 5″ full-color touch screen, trend analysis, and variable graphing (temperature, humidity, and light), data extraction to Excel (via SD memory card), and continuous data logging.

Renewable Energies.

Hydrogen Cells.

Hydrogen cells allow for clean electricity generation and are among the most important future technologies. Our PEM cell operates at approximately 100 watts and delivers around 7 amperes. It includes a frame with ventilation systems, temperature, pressure, and flow measurement, voltage and current monitoring. The faces are simulated with light bulbs and a rheostat (included). The equipment can be controlled and operated from a touch screen and, thanks to its open technology, can be controlled through other external devices like our PTS (not included).

Additionally, the equipment uses a 12V @ 8Amp AC/DC converter.

Solar and Wind Energy.

It includes a 100-watt solar panel, inverter, and real-time energy generation corresponding to the prevailing solar radiation.

Additionally, there’s a 40-watt wind generator with wind pattern simulation. Control signals, both analog and digital, are available for use by external equipment.

The equipment is remotely located, and the frame with signals is placed at a workstation near the researcher.

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