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This book represents the best way to learn or get trained on ladder logic programming since it´s like you were buying three different books:

One for Theory, one for Lessons and a third one for Real applications.
Learning about Programmable Logic Controllers has become a real need for any technician or engineer who wants to work or applying for a job in the field of automation. It has been proven that it becomes a major disadvantage when you are educated on the technology of just one particular manufacturer, because most of the companies have at least two different PLC brands on their industrial processes. You become more competitive if you are able to easily switch from programming one PLC to another, like you were able to speak several languages.

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Agriculture / Sustainability

Could we grow food in a different way? Could this be the agriculture of the future?
Imagine a new world where you are invited to develop a New Agriculture which takes into consideration all your background,combined with the ancestral and technological knowledge. Since this process is starting, you can be part of it, no matter your age, your knowledge or your location.
What if this proposal of agriculture could represent the future we want: less chemicals, less resources, less damage to nature…

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